Services Offered:

  • Tree Removal (We can handle difficult jobs)

  • Tree Trimming & Cutting

  • Tree Doctor (Disease, Parasite Prevention & Cure)

  • Stump Grinding

  • Tree Pruning

  • Tree Cabling & Bracing

  • Certified Arborists


Tree removal is necessary to protect homes and buildings, and sometimes for the well being of other trees. If a tree is dying or dead, or if its roots are impacting pipes, cables, sewers or foundations, removal is recommended. Tree removal is not a DIY job. For a free evaluation, contact us now.

Tree Trimming

We are certified arborists in Grand Rapids in the field of tree health and care. An Arborist will manage the care of a tree by assessing its health and structural condition, and then specifying changes to correct and improve its condition. Just like humans, stressed trees exhibit physical symptoms which need treating.


Adverse weather conditions can severely disrupt trees, making them dangerous for people. In an emergency situation, we offer a 24-hour telephone service and our fleet of vehicles have traveled to numerous storms in the Grand Rapids area to resolve such issues. Call our number 24/7 if you are in need of emergency service!